City Event Center Data Visualization

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City Event Center Data Visualization by Mind Map: City Event Center Data Visualization

1. Proposed Problem

1.1. While the CEC has remained successful in its 14 years of business, their Event Planner has recently encountered several problems that could potentially decrease its competition with local businesses. Those problems include: lack of control over social media, dense rental policies and procedures, maintaining competition,

2. Possible Solutions

2.1. Advertisement

2.1.1. Posters Though social media is not an option due to the CEC being a city-owned facility, there are other ways that the CEC can be advertised. One of those ways is to hang up posters, advertising events happening at the CEC with the location, time, and event-type listed

2.1.2. Mail and Email Sending newsletters and advertisements through the mail is an effective way to spread news on events. The downside to this, however, is that you need to have voluntary access to their addresses to send the advertisements

2.1.3. Similar Events A good way to advertise something is by word-of-mouth. To let people know about an event happening at the CEC, they could attend a similar event at another event center/facility and let the patrons there know what will be happening and when

2.1.4. Family and Friends Like previously stated im "Similar Events", word-of-mouth has proven to be an effective method of spreading news in the past. If you are unable to go to an event, however, simply telling your family and friends can be helpful, as they will then be able to spread the news to other people and can increase the attendance rate

2.2. Redesign Rental Documents

2.2.1. Rental Policy Agreement: The current rental policy agreement document is pretty dense and not easy for customers to read through quickly and understand. We recommend redesigning this document to be more clear and simple. The reader should be able to quickly see the information they need and not be confused.

2.2.2. Rental Rates: The rental rates document right now is very condensed and a bit confusing. We recommend using a chart that is easy to read so that the customers know exactly how much they are spending for each item.

2.2.3. Rental Application: The rental application is currently pretty long and it is laid out in a weird way. We recommend a different layout that fits on one page and it more clear for the customers. This will make sure that the customers don't get confused about the rental process, and what they are agreeing to when renting a room.

2.3. Communication:

2.3.1. New Management- could possible create "process sheets" for the new manager ,

2.3.2. Customers,

2.3.3. Vendors

2.3.4. Other Stakeholders