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Prehistory of Australia by Mind Map: Prehistory of Australia

1. Stone age

1.1. Mesolithic/Middle stone age

1.1.1. Before there was people in Australia. Australia was only a land with animals.Then people from Africa and Tasmanian came.Africa and Tasmanian came to migrate for living .

1.2. Neolithic/New stone age

1.2.1. Then Asians come to Australia and make cultures and religion.They make legacy and weapons.One of the weapons is blade core.It's like a sword but smaller.

1.3. Megalithic

1.3.1. Years later Africans make culture with the Asians to live in mountains and isolated places.

2. metal age

2.1. copper

2.1.1. Copper is widely distributed in Australia in rocks of Precambrian and Palaeozoic age (more than 250 million years old). Australia's resources of copper are largely at the Olympic Dam copper-uranium-gold deposit in South Australia and the Mount Isa copper-lead-zinc deposit in Queensland.

3. Meaning

3.1. Prehistory is the period where humans don' know language and civilization. Pre means before so we can just call it before history.

3.2. Australia:the period between the first human habitation of the Australian continent and the colonization of Australia

4. Tools

4.1. 1.Hand axes,Rene

4.2. 2.Hand axe

4.3. 3.Points,Renhen

4.4. 4.Scraper and Levallois-flake

4.5. 5.Hand axe,Moersag

4.6. 6.Blade core

5. Surroundings

5.1. Stone age:human there have made culture and artifacts was made.

5.2. Metal age

6. People

6.1. Aborigine is the indigenous people of Australia. Indigeneous is the first man that walked in Australia.Aborigine come from africa when they migrate and then came asians and eroupeans 50.000 years later