Samsung Sustainability

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Samsung Sustainability by Mind Map: Samsung Sustainability

1. Note-8 Sustainability

1.1. Energy efficient

1.2. Reduction in use of environmentally sensitive substances

1.3. Use of recycled materials

1.4. Eco-Conscious certificate

2. SWOT analysis

2.1. Strength-Eco friendly, Innovative products, wide range of products dedicated to quality production

2.2. Weakness-Note-7 failure led to the destruction of companies image. They also have reliability issues after the note-7 failure

2.3. Opportunity-As the society becomes more advanced in technology there is more scope for Samsung to use this technology in their products and make it more efficient

2.4. Threat-Competition from companies like Apple, Google, Sony and other companies can lead to Samsung making losses in the market.

3. Recommendation and conclusion

3.1. Samsung needs to be more transparent with their sustainability work.

3.2. Samsung has still a long way to go in order for them to achieve sustainability

4. Method of Research

4.1. Research was done through secondary sources

5. Note-7 Sustainable

5.1. Note 7 was not sustainable at all

5.2. Customers reported that their phones heated up and some even exploded

5.3. Main reason for that was their battery and they did not pay much attention to achieving sustainability