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5 OPTIONS by Mind Map: 5 OPTIONS

1. Abandon the market

2. Educational Engagement

2.1. Building Training Centre - For PWC employees but for Non PWC employees as well (PLDs for Government employees)

2.2. Establish engagement with existing Universities in the Middle East Specifically (PWC Scholarships, Paid Internships etc)

3. Stay with what it is (Dubai)

4. New Technologies

4.1. AI and machine learning

5. Cultural Engagement

5.1. Establish Cultural Centre - PWC Cultural Center / Foundation

6. New Leadership Roles

6.1. Cultural Leadership

7. Outsourcing

7.1. Competitors or Non Competitors

8. Acquisition

8.1. Core Consulting Companies already operational in the Middle East region or per country within GCC (Business Analysts, Associates etc) not specialists