Story Writing

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Story Writing by Mind Map: Story Writing

1. Characters

1.1. Names

1.1.1. Are the names distinct from one another?

1.1.2. Does another character or person already have this name?

1.2. Descriptions

1.2.1. Are the descriptions clear so that the reader can imagine the character?

1.2.2. Does the description include details?

1.3. Personality

1.3.1. Is this character's personality distinctly different from other characters in the story?

1.3.2. Can the read recognize your character by its unique personality?

2. Plot

2.1. Problem/Solution

2.1.1. Present the problem

2.1.2. Arrive at a satisfactory solution

2.2. Conflict/Resolution

2.2.1. Present the conflict (or ideas or beliefs)

2.2.2. Arrive at a resolution of conflict

2.3. Antagonist/Protagonist

2.3.1. Who is the antagonist (bag guy)?

2.3.2. Who is the protagonist (good guy)?

3. Dialogue

3.1. Does the conversation provide insight to plot or characters?

3.2. Is the conversation interesting?

3.3. Is the conversation original to this story and scene?

4. Action

4.1. Interesting

4.1.1. Does the action contribute to the story?

4.1.2. Does the action make reader want to read what happens next?

4.1.3. Does the action help the readers imagine your characters?

4.2. Action Verbs

4.2.1. Are the actions verbs clear?

4.2.2. Who is doing the action?

5. Illustration

5.1. Original

5.1.1. Are your illustrations too similar to another story or drawing?

5.1.2. Do they illustrate specific characters and actions?

5.2. Creative

5.2.1. Are they bright and colorful?

5.2.2. Did you use a variety of objects in the illustration?

5.3. Captivating

5.3.1. Are the illustrations interesting to the reader?

5.3.2. Do they have expression or mood?

6. Title

6.1. Creativity

6.1.1. Is the title interesting?

6.2. Related to plot or characters

6.2.1. Does the title have something to do with the plot, setting, or main characters.

6.3. Original

6.3.1. Does another story already have this title?