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Schools Tour by Mind Map: Schools Tour

1. Equipment

1.1. Sound system/PA

1.1.1. Moniters

1.1.2. PA speakers

1.1.3. Sound desk along with amps

1.2. Need to find out what equipment schools have

1.3. Instrument mics

1.3.1. Drums Overheads SE5's Snare SM57 Rack Tom Audix D2's Floor tom Audix D4 Kick Audix D6

1.3.2. Guitar amps 3 x SM57'S

1.3.3. Bass DI

1.3.4. Vocals 3 x SM58's

1.4. Drums/Amplifiers

1.5. Technical riders need to be done

2. Schedule/Dates

2.1. Time Table for the Day

2.2. Actual tour dates and places

3. Logistics

3.1. how do we get the bands to the venue

3.1.1. Close venues like the stamford school they can walk to but if its more far out a mini bus may be needed

3.2. How do we move equipment to the venues

3.2.1. Hire the college van to get equipment to venue

3.3. Risk Assessment

4. Promoting

4.1. Taking videos of performance

4.2. Live streaming event

5. Roles

5.1. Events manager

5.2. Promoters

5.3. Stage Runners