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Schools tour by Mind Map: Schools tour

1. Job Roles

1.1. Live Sound Engineers (at the desk)

1.1.1. Have at least one person at the desk at all times

1.1.2. Ring out the PA and monitors

1.2. Runners

1.2.1. Ensure that they're ready and stage-side so that they can do changeovers quickly

1.3. Logistics

1.3.1. Make a time plan

1.3.2. Make a risk assessment

1.4. Events Management

1.4.1. Assign jobs

1.4.2. Point of contact

1.4.3. Manage everyone

1.5. Promoters

1.5.1. Making posters

1.5.2. Ensure that there is cameras set up

2. Equipment needed

2.1. PA

2.2. Mics

2.2.1. SM58s for vocals

2.2.2. Audix kit for drum kits

2.2.3. SM57s for guitar cabs

2.2.4. Other dynamic mics may be needed for specific other instruments such as the MD-421 for a saxophone

2.3. DIs for acoustic guitars/keyboards

2.4. Set up an equipment list

2.4.1. Asks bands if they need any instruments bringing

3. Logistics

3.1. Having plans on when to get set up by

3.2. Setting up sound check times and getting all the bands to the venue in time

3.3. Working out when to get equipment to the venue ect.

4. Marketing

4.1. Make posters to put up in the schools

4.2. Record the footage for future college promoting

4.2.1. Also give to bands so that they can use it for their videos

5. Other Planning

5.1. Check out the venue - see what the space is like and then decide on the more technical aspects, such as: how loud things are, whether to mic up the kick or not (because if it's a small space, it will already be really loud)

5.2. Ask bands for setlist - make sure that the songs aren't too explicit

5.3. Plan for possibly selling drinks for audience

5.4. Book out a mini-van for moving equipment

5.5. Possibly set up a mini bus for the artists to get to the venue

5.6. Advise artist/technicians to always wear ear protection