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Diane by Mind Map: Diane

1. Immigration policy

1.1. Diane's life revolved around policy

1.2. Her family's staying with her was dependent on it

1.3. It influenced her and her family's daily thoughts, feelings and emotions

2. Parents

2.1. Her parents gave Diane peace, safety and comfort in her earlier years

2.2. As time went on, when her mom was taken away, her parents couldn't provide comfort for her anymore and her relationship with both parents became confusing and insecure

2.3. In her adult life, once she established herself, her parents then became a source of comfort and peace again

3. School

3.1. School served as a source of hope

3.2. It distracted her from her reality and allowed her to escape from what was happening at home

4. Erica

4.1. For a brief time in Diane's childhood, her niece Erica also served as a sweet escape from real life and Diane loved spending time with Erica. Although they lost closeness, for a period of time Erica distracted Diane from her difficulties

5. Religion

5.1. Diane was influenced a lot by her relationship with God

5.2. She thought that her displeasing God is what caused all these bad things to happen to her and her family

5.3. This caused her a lot of guilt and self blame. She was very hard on herself and put pressure on herself

6. Friends

6.1. Diane's friends served as a constant source of support throughout her life

6.2. In her childhood and early twenties, her friends were there for her and brought her happiness and solace with the things she was going through. They helped her keep going.

6.3. Later in life her friends helped her with sharing her story

7. Outcomes:

7.1. Individually, Diane became a strong person who stands up for what they believe in and knows her potential

7.2. Professionally, she became well established in her career and has a great appreciation for the work she's able to do and knows how to use her platform for good

7.3. Interpersonally, despite experiencing damaged relationships throughout her life, Diane is able to create and maintain meaningful relationships that are fruitful

8. Lorraine

8.1. Lorraine gave her the tools to pull herself out of the dark place she was in