Extra Recess Time

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Extra Recess Time by Mind Map: Extra Recess Time

1. Social

1.1. group activities/sports promotes teamwork and collaboration

1.1.1. feelings of inclusion

1.2. more time to interact with peers

1.3. opportunities for role play, sharing, conflict resolution

1.3.1. adult/teacher supervision provides support for conflict resolution when needed

2. Fun

2.1. students more likely to enjoy school

2.2. extra recess can be used as a reward

3. Mental Break

3.1. relieves stress

3.2. students more attentive/focused in classroom after breaks

3.2.1. less fidgety

3.3. unstructured time allows for creativity

4. Healthy

4.1. extra exercise

4.1.1. promotes active, outdoor play

4.1.2. reduces risk of childhood obesity

4.2. can benefit emotional health

5. Educational

5.1. allows time for independent student discovery and learning

5.1.1. drives inquiry in the classroom

5.1.2. exploration through play

5.2. development of fine/gross motor skills