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Do or Make by Mind Map: Do or Make

1. The two words translated into Spanish mean doing, but in English they have differences and different expressions in their meaning.

2. Do

2.1. It refers to doing something or executing an action

2.2. It is used for actions, activities, and jobs, in the sense of performing, these activities do not produce a physical object.

2.2.1. Example Do the dishes Do exercise

2.3. "Do" can also be used as an auxiliary verb in the present, to formulate questions

2.3.1. Example Do you like my dress

2.4. It is also used when talking about things in general, when the action is not specified, in these cases it is used with undefined pronouns such as; something, nothing.

2.4.1. Example Are you doing anything impotant right now?

2.5. His times are:

2.5.1. Present: Do / does Gerundio: doing Participle: done Past: did

3. Make

3.1. It refers to actions to manufacture or results of an action.

3.2. It is used when we talk about manufacturing, making or creating, or in activities in which something that can be felt is created.

3.2.1. Example Make a dress Make furniture

3.3. It is also used to make decisions, to say that something produces sound.

3.3.1. Example Don’t make plans for this weekend

3.4. In many expressions the "make" does not refer to manufacture or do.

3.4.1. Example Make a plan Make money

3.5. His times are:

3.5.1. Present: Make / makes Gerundio: making Participle: made Past: made