Importance of Creativity (1st Reading)

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Importance of Creativity (1st Reading) by Mind Map: Importance of Creativity (1st Reading)

1. "It's Time to Get Serious About Creativity in the Classroom" by Jim Moulton (2nd Reading)

1.1. "freedom within a structure" - allowing freedom in how the task is assigned

1.2. there needs to be direction but not instruction on how to get to the end results. students need guidelines but should be challenged to think outside their normal ideas and create something new

1.3. it is only the application of these discrete skills in the context of a complex effort

2. "Successful individuals are those who have creative skills to produce a vision for how they intend to make the world a better place for everyone; analytical intellectual skills, to assess their vision and those of others; practical intellectual skills, to carry out their vision and persuade people of its value; and wisdom, to ensure that their vision is not a selfish one.”

3. Think creatively

3.1. create new ideas

3.2. brainstorm

3.3. evaluate ideas to improve results

4. Work creatively with others

4.1. communicate and collaborate ideas with others

4.2. be open to group input

4.3. be original with ideas and work through the realities of the project with real life possibilities

4.4. use failure to learn and to create more refined projects

5. incorporate creativity into the academic scene

5.1. how can you incorporate creativity into the classroom?

5.1.1. 8th grade-geography: students research a local issue and conduct a study then create graphs and suggestions for how to improve and implement pollution control in their local community.

5.2. how can you encourage students to be more creative?

5.3. why it's important to have creativity in the classroom?

5.4. get your school staff on board with the 4 C's to fully be able to implement them into the classrooms