Japan Prehistoric Time

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Japan Prehistoric Time by Mind Map: Japan Prehistoric Time

1. Palaeolithic: Started 9,500

1.1. They are adapted hunting, fishing and gathering people.

1.2. Palaeolithic sites are usually hard to find from the surface, hence a large proportion are found during the time.

1.3. In western Japan they has started to learn how to farm. They start to understand which one is food and which one is not.

1.4. In Hokkaido, the place seems to be the oldest Late Palaeolithic. About 20.000 years.

2. True fact that Japan is one of the oldest country in the world but they mostly got their source from an older country which is China.

3. Iron & Bronze age: Started (500 BC) 100 - 300 AD

3.1. In this era they got most iron from China they improve it to make cooking tools and swords.

3.2. Yayoi people also began to weave hemp cloth, and to build wood and stone houses, though still in the earlier pit house style. Nobody is sure whether they had domesticated horses yet.

3.3. In Japan they call this era Yayoi. There are a lot of Chinese influenced to Japan.

3.4. The earliest archaeological sites are Itazuke or Nabata in the northern part of Kyushu. Contacts between fishing communities on this coast and the southern coast of Korea date from the Jomon period, as witnessed by the exchange of trade items such as fishhooks and obsidians. During the Yayoi period, cultural features from China and Korea arrived in this area at various times over several centuries, and later spread to the south and east. This was a period of mixture between immigrants and the indigenous population, and between new cultural influences and existing practices.

4. Mesolithic

4.1. There is not much Information about Mesolithic because it's seems to be almost the same as Palaeolithic.

4.2. In this age they started learning about weapons like bow & arrow.

5. Neolithic: Started 14,000–300 BCE

5.1. Neolithic in Japan is called Jomon

5.2. The Jomon period is the time in Japanese prehistory, traditionally dated between 14,000–300 BCE, recently refined to about 1000 BCE, during which Japan was inhabited by a hunter-gatherer culture, which reached a considerable degree of sedentism and cultural complexity.

6. Copper

6.1. They started making coins, pots, and some special traditional vase.