marsya_Y6B_FA prehistoric period in egypt

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marsya_Y6B_FA prehistoric period in egypt by Mind Map: marsya_Y6B_FA prehistoric period in egypt

1. Egypt timeline

1.1. predynastic perod 5,000 - 3,100 bc

1.2. archaic period 3,100 - 2,686 bc

1.3. old kingdom 2,686 - 2,181 bc

1.4. first intermideate period 2,181 - 2,055 bc

1.5. middle kingdom:12 th 2,055 - 1,786 bc

1.6. second intermideate period 1,786--1,578 bc

1.7. new kingdom 1,567 - 1,085 bc

1.8. third intermideate 1,085 - 664 bc

1.9. the late period 664 -332 bc

2. egypt stone age

2.1. in the stone age they used to grow corps and seeds by around at 10000 bc they usually to hunt wild cattle and turtle.

2.2. in peleothicum period : at this era the Egyptian was more focused at finding water and the tools that they used at that time was made of bone and wood.

3. prehistoric tools

3.1. they use flint knives to cut or scrapping in stone age

3.2. egyptian axe head used to chops some woods

3.3. egyptian used arrow head to hunt animals

3.4. bronze chisels and greywhack it is for rubbing tools in copper age

3.5. iron daggers for hunt animals in metal age

3.6. iron sword and iron axe

4. culture of ancient Egyptian

4.1. their religion is called the mesothopia people and they think they are co-labours to the god , the mosothopian people think they need to work with their god to prevent chaos with their original states

4.2. their daily life has this thing called papyrus (the word is taken from english "paper") it was the only of thecnologigal advance of the ancient egyptian culture , the egyptian were also responsible of buildinga ramp and lever for geometry purpose.

5. how did they survive?

5.1. daily life in ancient egyptiant revoled around the nile and the fertile land it's banks , the yearly flooding of the nile enriched the soil and brought good harvest and wealth to the land most ancient agyptian worked as field hand , farmers , craftmen , scribes .

6. egypt iron age

6.1. in the iron age they started using iron is around 1,200 bc the tools that they use was daggers axe and sword they no longer used stone axe in this time in their daily life they used to hunting animals for food and selling things

6.2. copper replaced stone it was a new technology for the Egyptian it was discovered at 3,150 bc later then iron came it came around 1,200 bc the egyptian started using iron

7. why was ancient Egypt intersting and different from others?

7.1. ancient egypt was different was because the pharos likes to burried mummy , big pyramid and ecret tombs because that time they belived that they will need their belongings at the afterlife