Prehistory in iran

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Prehistory in iran by Mind Map: Prehistory in iran

1. Neolithicum: Neolitchicum in iran: Originally the term Neolithic referred to the final Stone Age before the ages of metals that is the Chalcolithic copper age,

1.1. Megalithicum

2. Paleolithicum: The Paleolithic or Old Stone Age in iran: begins with the first stone tools some 2.5million years ago in Africa Gowlett 1992, 350 ,and it ends with the Neolithic or New Stone Age, essentially at the beginnings of agriculture.

2.1. Mesolithicum: Very little paleoclimatic data pertaining to the Mesolithic are available for Iran. Almost all of the data have come from the Zagros mountains. The modern climatic regime is marked by continental conditions

2.1.1. Mesolithicum in iran:, a pure, transparent variety of quartz SiO2, see, e.g., Encyclo­pedia Americana, s.v. quartz usually called rock crystal to distinguish it from crystal glass. The Persian term for rock crystal,

3. Stone age:

4. Metal age:

4.1. Copper age: copper age: The dataset of the huge Lazaridis et al 2016 paper is available for download Reich Lab, BAM raw data. Great that the authors released

4.1.1. bronze age: BRONZE AGE, in Iranian archeology a term used informally for the period from the rise of trading towns in Iran, ca. 3400-3300 B.C. to the beginning of the Iron Age, ca. 1400-1300 B.C. iron age: Iron in iran: Introduction. The iron Age in Iran and Gilan is divided into three sections Iron Age I, II and III.

5. Meaning of prehistory time: the events or conditions leading up to a particular occurrence or phenomenon.