Quant Study Brainstorm

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Quant Study Brainstorm by Mind Map: Quant Study Brainstorm

1. Demo Alternates

1.1. Roadshow

1.1.1. Breakfast & Balers

1.1.2. Farm Radio PR

1.1.3. Do in groups for efficiency

1.1.4. Bookings using Acuity

1.2. Virtual Reality/Google Cardboard

1.3. Accidental deliveries

1.3.1. Reality show style videos

1.3.2. Facebook video content

2. Exploit the lack of maintenance/don't need parts or dealer near by

2.1. Runs like a Verm(D)eer

2.2. Time lapse/split screen of breakdowns

2.3. Amazon/delivery factor - it doesn't matter they aren't nearby, it's called e-comm

3. Master Baler Ninja Warrior

3.1. How many bales

3.2. Hours in the field vs downtime

3.3. How many parts/maintenance

3.4. Real time - Gekko board

3.5. Real time video streams - FB live

3.6. Bale off with Drone footage

4. Bring us your maintenance/parts receipts on another color

4.1. Get that amount off your next Vermeer purchase

4.2. Create content telling that story

4.3. Showcase what the wife bought with that savings

5. They want a call

5.1. Call vs text

5.2. The Yellow Line

5.3. Online chat

5.3.1. Launch off SEM

5.3.2. off the .Com