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Environmental and Peace by Mind Map: Environmental and Peace

1. Deforestation: Colombia has been losing its forests for a number of decades. But the damage that they have caused is enormous. Other factors that caused deforestation are hydroelectic and mining development, oil production, house building and the use of land to grow plants for the illegal drugs trade.

1.1. Three major causes of this are: 1- the demand for farmland for crops and cattle. 2- the development of the country's system of roads. 3- the demand for timber.

2. Damage Caused By Mining: Our country is famous for its natural resourse of coal, presious metals and gems. Mining has caused a lot of environmental problems. These chemicals often enter into the water system, and it means that a lot of drinking water is polluted.

3. What can we do to solve these problems? R// Here is a series of tips to care for and protect the environment: • Let's make the most of the light, with the time changes it also helps us conserve more energy. • Disconnect your electrical appliances when you are not using them, this will help them not consume even a minimum amount of electricity. •Choose paper or cloth bags, since regular plastic bags are very polluting because they take more time to degrade. •Plant trees, either in the garden, in a park or look for civil societies that are reforesting. All this helps to improve the air of the city and our lungs. •Organic waste can be good fertilizer, so it could be buried in the soil to help the plants instead of throwing it away. These are some of the simplest ways in which we can support and solve the care of the environment. Everyone contributing their share will be a cleaner and safer world.

4. Paula Andréa Martínez Rocha

5. Loos of Moorland: Like the forests, Colombia's moors are disappearing. Mining and farmland have been invading the country's moors over the last few decades. This has serious consequences for the country's water resourse: 70% of Colombia's water comes from the ecosystems of the moors.