environment and peace

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environment and peace by Mind Map: environment and peace

1. damange causd by mining our country is famous for its natural resourcer of coal, precious metal and gems. ufortinately, mining has caused a lot of environmental problems. for example, mercury and cyanide are used a lot in gold mining.

2. deforestation colombia has been losing its forests for a number of decades. three major causes of this are: the demand for farmland for crops and cattle, the development of the countriessystem of roads and the demand for timber. some people belive that these practices are mecessary for developingoru counties economy, but the damege that they have caused is enormous

3. loss of moorland like the forests, colombia moors are disappearing.mining and farmaland have been invading the countries moors over the last few decades. this has serious consequences for the countries water resources - 70% of colombia water comes from the ecosystems of the moors.

4. ¿what can we do to solve these problems? what we can do is reduce the garbage burning clean the forests, not throw any flammable that can ignite a fire and campaign to raise awareness, put cars that collect garbage in the municipalities so that these problems do not occur that aria

5. presentend by: Javith Martelo