Environmental problems in Colombia

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Environmental problems in Colombia by Mind Map: Environmental problems in Colombia

1. Environmental problems in Colombia, such as air pollution or high deforestation, continue to generate high costs in terms of health and deterioration of environmental resources.

2. Some Problems:

2.1. 1. Atmospheric pollution

2.2. 2.Water pollution

2.3. 3.High deforestation

2.4. 4.Garbage

2.5. 5.Ilegal mining

3. Damage caused by mining: This serious illegal activity that is ending with large areas of Colombia has become an important work in the same regions in the networks of drug traffickers in the coca states and in the laboratories for the processing of the drug.

4. Deforestation: In its order of importance, the main causes of deforestation in Colombia are: the expansion of the agricultural frontier, colonization, construction of roads, the construction of mining and hydroelectric infrastructure, as well as the effects that cause oil exploration and exploitation, illicit crops, the consumption of firewood, forest fires, and the production of wood for commercial purposes.

5. Lost of paramo: Companies become agricultural activities, livestock, development activities, activities that result in the destruction, disappearance of forests, bushes and shrub formations.

6. What can we do to solve these problems? One of the main causes of these problems is when we throw waste to the ground. A solution for this is to become aware and have a sense of belonging, make more green points in our country and invite others to this cause that favors us all, and have a healthy country. Do not cut down trees, less smoking companies that destroy the osono layer. The country of all, we have a sense of belonging, to live in a healthy environment and free of contamination.

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