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Enzymes by Mind Map: Enzymes

1. Functions

1.1. Aids in

1.1.1. Digestion

1.1.2. Metabolism

1.2. Breakdown large molecules into smaller

1.3. Biological catalysts

1.3.1. Speeds up chemical reactions

1.4. React with substrate to produce products

1.5. proteins that facilitate cellular metabolic processes

1.6. Nervous system

1.6.1. Efficient enzyme

1.7. Act as catalysts

2. Structure

2.1. Primary structure

2.1.1. Amino acids Linked together via amide(peptide) bonds

2.1.2. Resulting amino acid chain creates polypeptide or protein

2.2. Secondary Structure

2.2.1. Protein Chains

3. substance produced by a living organism

4. acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction.

5. Protein macromolecule