My research about mobility

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My research about mobility by Mind Map: My research about mobility

1. Mobility can become an advantage

1.1. Artists are mort creative thanks to the discoveries they made during their travels

1.2. Mobility is a way to promote art all around the world


1.4. you can mix different types of art to create a new wave of artists

2. Sociology

2.1. Social mobility and social status

2.1.1. Mobility is not just about moving from a place to another physically

2.1.2. Social mobility depends of several factors Cultural capital Economic capital Social capital

2.1.3. Feed backs of people who moved because of the difference between expectation and reality

3. History

3.1. Often related with the development of new way of transportation

3.1.1. Mobility beyond transport in smart cities | Vinay Venkatraman | TEDxCopenhagenSalon

3.2. People started to move more with all the tools of the internet

3.3. People moved for centuries but it started really with the Great Discoveries in the XVIth century

4. Psychology

4.1. "Psychological mobility is the individual's perceptions of career structures and his or her beliefs about how much he or she was constrained by them or can transcend them."

4.2. Psychological drags

4.2.1. Fear of the unknown

4.2.2. Uprooting

4.2.3. Changes of landmarks

4.2.4. Fear of loosing our identity

4.3. Psychological advantages

4.3.1. Fight against racism, xenophobia,...

4.3.2. Get to know and understand the unknown

4.4. What is at stack with mobility ?

4.4.1. You have to build every thing again

4.4.2. culture shock

5. Geography

5.1. Where people are moving ? (an exemple from the USA)

5.1.1. To another town in the same country

5.1.2. To another country or continent

5.1.3. To the same town but to another district

5.2. Why people are moving?

5.2.1. To find a job

5.2.2. To discover a new culture that they might like

5.2.3. To reunite with family

5.2.4. To settle

6. Art and design

6.1. Mobility can also be a strain to creativity and art

6.1.1. Because the market is wider, you expext to sell not to create

6.1.2. The competition is wider so it is more difficult to be unique and creative