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1. biology

1.1. a podcast about health and sciences

1.2. We made progresses in medecine, allowing a mobility of genes by transplants etc.

1.3. With people's mobility, diseases travel too

1.4. Development of bone marrow transplantation thanks to mobility of patients and doctors

1.5. With mobility of species we get to study animals like Jane the chimpanzee and get a better understanding of nature

2. art/ design

2.1. a podcast about cars & design regarding mobility

2.2. With the progresses made, people move each tome more freely

2.3. Design help disabled people too

2.4. Cars and flying objects are begining to appear

2.5. History of mobility by an iconic brand: Michelin

3. cinematography

3.1. Progresses in technologies: enable cinematographers to be even more good at shooting movies

3.2. Geographic mobility presents many economical advantages

3.3. mobility inspires cinematographers to create and develop new ideas, and technology enables them to make it happening

3.4. Hollywood attracted star movies and producers from all over the world

3.5. podcast about American cinematographer and upward mobility

4. linguistic/ etymology

4.1. University of Oxford introduction to the class "LANGUAGE, MOBILITY AND BELONGING"

4.2. ERASMUS helped to spread languages across europe

4.3. power of languages

4.4. A recent problematic: why is it important to study languages

4.5. How languages are linked together thanks to mobility of Humans Being

5. history

5.1. A big research on mobility through history

5.2. Podcast from Monash University department of Art: "Language on mobility, settlement and governance with Professor Rita Wilson"

5.3. Roads evolved during history. This image shows major commercial roads in 1750. All the continents were linked, but by ship and long roads (long traveling journey).

5.4. Mobility of humankind through history

5.5. Origin of humankind

6. geography

6.1. Differences between countries (North VS South) regarding incomes

6.2. international relations, history and social sciences

6.3. Challenge uprising with mobility: refugees crisis, the example of Syria

6.4. Map about the human migration across the planet

7. TO START ...

7.1. Broad research: podcast about mobility

7.2. Mobility can understand in several ways:

7.2.1. movements between classes

7.2.2. movements from place to place

7.2.3. movements from a job to another

7.2.4. etc...

7.3. A quick video about human mobility

8. Nouvelles technologies : Les nouvelles technologies boostent la mobilité

8.1. La fascination des usages de mobilité | Alexandre Droulers | TEDxAlsace

8.2. Mobility Technology Trends | Custom Computer

8.3. La mobilité du futur doit-elle refléter nos désirs ?


9.1. Accueil - BeerLovers

9.1.1. Accueil | Beer Lovers' Marathon : marathon festif à Liège avec dégustation de 15 bières belges durant la course BEER LOVERS MARATHON 2017 - aftermovie

9.2. Summer Beer Lovers' Festival

9.3. Pint Please - App for beer lovers

9.3.1. Pint Please - Beer Finder

9.4. Elisabeth Delatour | Blog de dégustations de bière

9.5. Beer App and Future Beer Technology

9.6. Bière: les "beer lovers", une nouvelle génération d'amateurs

9.7. Faire sa bière maison

9.8. Top bar à bière à paris

9.9. Comment l'IA peut-elle bénéficier et faciliter la vie des beer lovers ?

9.10. Les beer lovers souhaitent-ils améliorer l'image de la bière et tous les stéréotypes autour des buveurs de bière ?

9.11. Mettre en place des dégustations de bière ?

9.12. Géolocaliser des bars, restaurants ou petits producteurs qui proposent des dégustations de bière ?

9.13. Personnaliser le goût de sa bière grâce l'IA ?

9.14. Benchmark : 2 appli deja existante

9.14.1. mister good beer

9.14.2. Untappd

10. AI

10.1. appli qui livre de l'alcool

10.2. database d'ingrédients de bière

11. En quoi la mobilité concerne les beer lovers ?

12. Comment relier l'IA avec la mobilité et les beer lovers ?

13. Les beer lovers aiment-ils se déplacer, voyager, partir à l'aventure et découvrir de nouvelles bières ?

14. Rechercher la dégustation de bière (idée de découverte) ou simplement boire la bière qu'on aime

15. Favoriser la consommation de la bière du consommateur ou la promotion de la bière du producteur

16. Quelles peuvent-être les attentes d'un beer lover ?