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Knowledge Building by Mind Map: Knowledge Building
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Knowledge Building

The principal effort of IKIT's knowledge building enterprise has been to extend the limits of the possible in education and knowledge work. To understand knowledge building it is essential to distinguish learning--"the process through which the cultural capital of a society is made available to successive generations" from knowledge building--the deliberate effort to increase the cultural capital. This, in turn, requires distinguishing knowledge building from a broad range of activities that share its constructivist underpinnings, but not its focus on the creation of new knowledge. These include collaborative learning, guided discovery, project-based learning, communities of learners, communities of practice, and anchored instruction. Knowledge building is work on the creation and improvement of ...

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Neue Idee

Beziehung zu anderen Theorien

learning by discovery

inquiry learning


Marlene Scardamalia

Carl Bereiter

Rolle der Technologie

ermöglicht gleichberechtigte Kommunikation


Gemeinsame Weiterentwicklung von Wissen

In der Schule muss die kreative Weiterentwicklung von Wissen möglich sein.

Weiterentwicklung von Ideen

Knowledge of v. Knowledge About

Knowledge Building Discourse


Bedeutung von Autoritäten

Knowledge Building vs. Realität an Schulen

Ziel: Versuch, Bildung in fundamental neu zu denken, damit SchülerInnen Teil der Wissensgesellschaft werden.

Theoretische Grundlagen