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Pws by Mind Map: Pws

1. Heart

1.1. What is a Heart attack and causes ( cells, aretery)

2. Bones

2.1. Arthritis ( immune disorder, cells, swelling, pain)

2.1.1. How does bone heal? (Blood, cells, chemicals) Bones stronger than steel? How does knuckles pop ( pressure, gasses)

3. Lung

3.1. Pneumonia (blood)

3.1.1. Pure oxygen ( cells, protein, imune system, dna, cancer) What is asthma ( disease)

4. Immune system

4.1. What is a allergy

4.1.1. Kidney stones (kidneys) Preservaties bad? (Get disease ect) How does Antacid work? (Heartburn)

5. Drugs

5.1. Types of drugs

5.1.1. How do drugs work (brain)

6. Eyes

6.1. Color blindness (cells)

6.1.1. Eye floaters What is mirage? (Water) Why did pirates wear eye patches?

7. Diseases

7.1. Cancer hard to treat

7.1.1. Diabetes Why is it hard to cure hiv (cells, immune, virus) Hard to cure Alzheimer (brain, protein)

8. Muscles

8.1. Sore muscles

8.1.1. Fat goes when we lose weight Muscle cramps

9. Eyes

9.1. Deja vu (eyes,brain)

9.1.1. Brain freeze (artery,brain) Faint (blood) Hangry (glucose, blood)

10. Skin

10.1. Dandruff

10.1.1. Chapped lips Why do we get freakles (melanin, sun) Different skin colors (sun)

11. bacteria

11.1. Sugar is bad?? (Brain , heart attack, wrinkly skin, diabetes)

11.1.1. Formation pearls (parasites) What is diabetes (insulin, glucose, blindness, heart attack) Why do we crave sugar (brain, like a drug)

12. Liver

12.1. Hangover

12.1.1. Jaundice ( blood)

13. Blood

13.1. How does blood clot?

13.1.1. Why is blood red? ( protein, oxygen)

14. Brain

14.1. Anesthesia (pain killer)

14.1.1. Placebo effect (medication, pain killer) Pain killers Why do we faint ( nerve, heart)

15. Nose, smell

15.1. How do we smell ( chemicals, neurons, brain)

15.1.1. Rain smells Old books smell Smell food from a distance

16. Teeth

16.1. Tonsil stones

16.1.1. Teeth turn yellow ( enamel) Tooth decay