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Mobility by Mind Map: Mobility

1. Definition

1.1. As shared or self-driving cars provide us with faster, greener, safer and more affordable travel options, the future mobile travel system will revolutionize the way people travel and the way goods are transported.

1.1.1. Road information obtained through various types of sensing devices。

1.1.2. Knowing the location and travel preferences of the user through the mobile device carried by the user, and pushing the required travel information and proposal for the user according to the user。

1.1.3. Through the vehicle hardware software to understand the current driving and service conditions of the vehicle, to help users get convenient transportation.

2. Future

2.1. transportation development

2.1.1. car

2.1.2. bus

2.1.3. plane

2.1.4. bicycle

2.1.5. subway

2.1.6. trasin

2.2. In-car ride experience

2.2.1. for child

2.2.2. for old people

2.2.3. for disabled people

2.2.4. for adults

2.3. Physical infrastructure

2.4. Digital infrastructure

3. Applications in tech industry

3.1. smart car

3.2. new technolodies for road

3.3. online apps for mobility

3.4. renewable/ecofriendly fuels

4. Impacts

4.1. Geography

4.1.1. Roads development

4.1.2. More flexible routes

4.2. Anthropology

4.2.1. Frequent population migration

4.2.2. New age structure

4.3. Linguistics

4.3.1. New words/phreses

4.3.2. Quick conversations

4.3.3. Save connection during mobling

4.4. Biology

4.5. Sociology

4.5.1. Transportation

4.5.2. Economy

4.5.3. Law & Management