Managing Money

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Managing Money by Mind Map: Managing Money

1. Living on a Budget

1.1. Spending plan

1.2. Create Spending Log of expenses

1.3. Find ways to cut costs

2. Understand Financial Aid

2.1. Know types of aid: Grants,Scholarships, Work-studies, Co-op Education

2.2. Know amount needed for college, use combination of ways to pay

2.3. Know how to qualify for aid and to maintain if after first semester

3. Working and Borrowing

3.1. Use work to develop credential, explore options, only work 15-20 hours to maintain good grades

3.2. Look for part-time off campus that relates to major if possible, off-campus normally pay more,

3.3. Know differences between subsidized and unsubsidized student loans, PLUS, and Private loans

4. Manage Credit Wisely

4.1. Use debit cards instead of cash to limit purchases to funds in bank.

4.2. Know your credit score and report and make sure all information on it is accurate and up to date

4.3. Make more than minimum payment, don't be late, use credit cards for emergencies or to build credit

5. Plan for future

5.1. Know how to finance life after graduation

5.2. Additional education or work?

5.3. Savings account and add to it often