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Mobility by Mind Map: Mobility

1. Linguistics / etymology

1.1. Lots of specific and etymologic definition of mobility on this link

1.1.1. Latin: mobilitatem, de mobilis, mobile

1.1.2. Nature: singulier, féminin

2. Sociology

2.1. Social mobility is shifting from one social status to another, commonly to a status that is either higher or lower. In sociology, social mobility explains changes (or lack thereof) in social status. (...)

2.1.1. This article provides some information about social mobility especially types and factors reponsible of social mobility : Video :

2.1.2. What may be the innovation's impact on social mobility ?

3. Geography

3.1. Geographic mobility is the measure of how populations and goods move over time. The definition is large and complicate

3.1.1. Geographic mobility in a key notion in the globalisation in many ways (jobs, travel, trade, industry etc.) What is the futur of geographic mobility ? What is stake of the mobility today ? International and local migration: a great geopolitic stake stake. Example of France: Geographic mobility at the core of international trade. Example of maritim transport. The improvement of transportation have deeply changed the society either human mobility (tourism, job, metropolisation etc.), item mobility (trade) or information mobility. What is the geographic labor mobility ?

4. History

4.1. History of mobility may include many topics like human mobility, transportation, technology etc.

4.1.1. Historical books about history of mobility and transport: "De L'histoire des transports à l'histoire de la mobilité" Podcast 1/4 : Podcast 2/4 Podcast 3/4 Podcast 4/4

4.1.2. Transport's history: Great change in our society

5. What is mobility ? Mobility may refers to several topics like sociology, art, literature, phylosophy, cinematography, history etc. Mobility's definition can change with the topic. However, Mobility is defined as the ability to move or be moved freely and easily (in dictionary).

6. Art/ Design

6.1. Mobility is very significant in art.

6.1.1. Art and Design are included in modern society and globalisation.

6.2. Work of art's mobility

6.3. But artists can also use the thematic of mobility in their works.