history of computers

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history of computers by Mind Map: history of computers

1. 1939 The Turing Machine

1.1. The first eber computer engineered to combat the encriptions made by the nazi´s enigma machine.

2. 1940´s Curta Calculators:

2.1. Popular form the 1940´s throug to the 1970´s. they had up to 600 moving parts.

3. 1940

3.1. The Colussus was the world´s first programmable electronic, digital computer. It was used by British codebreakers in the second world war.

4. 1946 The Eniac

4.1. Consist of vaccum tubes. this first general purpose computer took the space of a huge room and it´s task was to calculate artilery firing tables.

5. 1949 The Modem

5.1. The early modems were used by the US Air Force in the 1950´s but the first commercial ones were made a decade later. the earliest modems were about 75 bps (or buts oer second).

6. 1957 The Fist Hard Drive

6.1. Ibm ships this hard drive for a whopping 10000$ per megabyte. The Ramac: Held 5mB of data and was a big as 2 refridgerators.

7. 1957 Fortran:

7.1. The first ever programming language using English instead of unintelligable numbers. It was suited for numeric computation and scientific calculation.

8. 1673 The Libniz step reckoner:

8.1. The fist four function calculator.

9. 1964 The Mouse

9.1. The mouse first started using a trackball made by a team led by Rainer Mallbrein at Telefunken Konstanz. For the germanBundesanstalt fur flugsicherung as part of their TR 86 process computer system.

10. 1968 Ram

10.1. Robert H. Dennard´s invention greatly increased memory density at the coast of volatility, and RAM was born.

11. 1969 The arpanet

11.1. the arpanet was the dad of the internet we all know and love four different computers linked up at the time, with the message "lo" rather than login as they planned due to the a not so powerful system.

12. 1970 Mp944

12.1. The mp944 was the world´s first microprocessor, used on US mill.

13. 1971 Intel 4004

13.1. The intel 4004 was the first commercially available microprocessor Made by Federico Faggin. Maximum clock rate was 740 kHz Able to directly address 640 bytes of Ram.

14. 1971 The Floppy Disk

14.1. They became commercially available in 1971 part of IBM products, Later on they were sold separately by Memorex and others.

15. 1972 {C} The programming Language

15.1. Developed by Dennis Ritchie at the AT&T Bell Labs. It is now the most widely used languages of all time.

16. 1972 Pong

16.1. who knew a square dot and a few bars could be so exciting...

17. 1973 The Ethernet Cable:

17.1. Developed at Xerox PARC, Ethernet data transferates have been increased from the original 2.94 mb/s to the latest 100 gb/s per second.

18. 1975 The altair 8800

18.1. The first Personal computer based on the intel 8008 cpu, Ran on the altair basic, 200khz to 800khz.

19. 1977 The Apple 2

19.1. Ran on integer Basic, 4 to 64kb ram, MOS6502 cpu, 5069$ in todays price.

20. 1979 C++

20.1. Designed by Bjarne Stroustrup based on C he added classes and a tiny bit of sytaxis change.

21. 1980 The IBM Personal Computer

21.1. led the way in the 1980s. Altough feeble in comparison to today´s computers, it was very successful.

22. 1849 Charles Babbages Difference Engine: 8,000 parts.

22.1. Five tons. Eleven feet long. Hardly a pocket calculator!. You can see it in the science museum in london.

23. 2010 Ipad

23.1. in 2010 Jobs unveiled the Ipad. Although not the first tablet computer it was innovative and hugely influential. Over 250 millions have been sold.

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