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Polonius by Mind Map: Polonius

1. New node

2. Keywords

2.1. Cynical

2.2. Verbose

2.3. Pompous

2.4. Tedious

2.5. Smug

2.6. Insensitive

2.7. Conniving

2.8. Unscrupulous

3. Key Quotes

3.1. "I'll loose my daughter to him"

3.2. "A foolish prating knave"

3.3. "The head is not more native to the heart, the hand more instrumental to the mouth, than is the throne of Denmark to thy father".

3.4. "Brevity is the soul of wit"

3.5. "A man faithful and honourable"

4. Exam Focus

4.1. Discuss the importance of the character, Polonius, in the play Hamlet.

4.2. "Hamlet's killing of Polonius in Act 3, scene 4, is an important turning point in the action of the play.

4.3. Loyalty and betrayal are significant themes in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Discuss.

4.4. Hamlet may have described Polonius as a "wretched, rash intruding fool" but he was also a loyal minister and devoted father. Discuss.

5. Political role

5.1. Chief Counsellor of State

5.2. Self-interested

5.3. Spy

5.4. Sycophant

5.5. Machiaevellian

6. Father

6.1. Underhanded

6.2. Hypocrite

6.3. Selfish

6.4. Uses Ophelia

6.5. Patriarchal

6.6. caring at times