Cosmetic Testing on Animals

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Cosmetic Testing on Animals by Mind Map: Cosmetic Testing on Animals

1. The use of animal testing is absolutely unacceptable. Animal testing has been an underrated topic throughout countries such as the United States and Asia and has no plan of reforming their ways. Although, multiple methods have been placed in use for alternative testing the lack of government funding makes animal testing presume in the United States. However. in China any product that is recieved or made there has to go through multiple uses of animal testing before it can be sent anywhere. Once again even though alternative methods have been placed the lack of funding and the change in mindset remains still. Animal testing has been recognized through organizations such as PETA and Lush Cosmetics. The cruelty- free label has become a high demand in the United States, however, only a selected few cosmetic corporations chose to switch over. Although, animal testing has been proven to help with medical breakthroughs. Although, a method had been proposed in using reconstructed human skin cells to get a more accurate result and replace the use of animal bodies. Through this method it provides a consensual approach because humans can have the option to donate their body to science, whereas, animals cannot. The use of animal testing needs to become more aware throughout society and the horrors following it.

2. “ Leaving Animals Out of the Cosmetics Picture.” written by Abby Ellin

2.1. The article aligns a difference of argument for each source and draws in the use of people of position in order to raise awareness for the issue but also allows justifying statements of why animal testing should be permitted as harmful and abusive.

2.1.1. My Opinion: The argument presented in this article was able to open the eyes of society by drawing in attention from multiple crowds and discussing the issue of animal testing. I agree with this argument because it states the truth about animal testing and the horrific aspects of it. It also presents alternative methods and brands that can be used in order to help save the life of an innocent animal.

3. “ Here’s How China Is Moving Away From Animal Testing.”written by Bloomberg News

3.1. This article aligns with an argument that animal testing is beneficial, however, reformity is a neccesity. China has been a country where every product ranging from mascara to sunscreen must be chemically tested on animals in order to be safe for humans. However, China is slowly making efforts to move away from animal testing and instead focus their testing on reconstructed skin cells.

3.1.1. MY OPINION: Although China is discussing ways to reform their methods from animal testing, there is still no action being taken only words being spoken. The amount of animals being used for testing in China has increased immensely, however, China is known for their cosmetic industry and with more demand for animal- cruelty products it is resulting China in a loss of almost thirty- six billion dollars. This is a good thing because it may force China's cosmetic industry to put action to those words of reformity and save lives of billions.

3.1.2. Image result for dawn animal testing

3.1.3. Image result for dawn animal testing

4. “ Animal experimentation up 73 percent, study says.” written by Micheal Casey

4.1. The article discusses how even though humans are starting to bring a attention to cosmetic testing through organizations such as PETA a group of individuals on a mission dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animal. However, animal testing through scientific laboratories is increasing without the desire to change their methods.

4.1.1. My Opinion: This article presents an argument that is againist animal testing and allows people to see t

5. "Saving the Animals: New Ways to Test Products” written by Barnaby J. Feder

5.1. This article briefly informs the public about animal testing and ways that it can be reformed in order to be less harmful for the animals but still benefit humans.

6. “Animal Research: Varying Standards Are Leading to Bad " written by Lauren Wright

6.1. This article discusses the misconceptions on animal testing and informs the public about the positivity of animal testing and the benefiting factors of using animals as testing subjects in medical research.

6.1.1. My Opinion: The benefiting use of animal testing is able to help through medical breakthroughs, however, the conditions that animals are being tested on is absolutely unacceptable and through alternative methods researchers have found ways to test medical breakthroughs by using reconstructed human skin cells.

7. My Opinion: