A Culture of Health

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A Culture of Health by Mind Map: A Culture of Health

1. Healthcare System

1.1. Providers

1.1.1. Alternative remedies should be utilized.

1.1.2. Lower amount of controlled substances prescribed.

1.2. Insurance companies

1.2.1. Increase access and affordability by lowering premiums, copays, and deductibles, allowing patients to get the care they need.

2. Individuals at Home

2.1. Safe Medication Practices

2.1.1. Lock all prescriptions in a safe place.

2.1.2. Use medications only as prescribed.

2.1.3. Do not share medications.

2.1.4. Be a model for safe medication practices for others.

2.2. Be an Advocate for Your Healthcare

2.2.1. Learn about your treatments, and talk to your physician if something is unclear or needs modified.

3. Individuals in the Community

3.1. Inform Others

3.1.1. Spreading ideas and knowledge of America's drug-taking culture can help others take their health into their own hands by making them conscious of their actions.

3.1.2. This can be as simple as recommending Dreamland to a neighbor or discussing safe medications practices over a family dinner.

3.2. Initiate Safer Prescription Practices

3.2.1. Organizing a drug take-back day in the community, installing a drug dropbox system within local hospitals and pharmacies, etc.

4. Society

4.1. Tackle Tough Topics

4.1.1. Eliminate the stigmas by creating a safe environment to seek help.

4.2. Implement New Social Norms

4.2.1. New social norms that promote safe practices can spark a chain reaction that will impact the entire community.