Translation as a profesional

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Translation as a profesional by Mind Map: Translation as a profesional

1. translation service is the same as service industries. This service transforms the raw mataerial into a finished product. Resulting in: traslation

2. Specialised translation: law, finance, computer science, telecommunications, etc... Translation types: Literary translation. Technical translation. Commercial translation. Financial translation. Legal translation. Biomedical and pharmaceutical translation

3. the translator translates documents in all media, so you must know their characteristics.

4. Today's translation is a productive process that is increasingly based on new technological means,

5. the professional adapts the translation to the destination site and its culture

6. the translation disseminates the information to as many users as possible

7. Translating competence: Grammar, in source and target languages. The socio-cultural, on the social peculiarities of the two languages and on the contexts in which the documents have been produced and will circulate. The communicative, to understand the conditions of communication in which the original document is created and to reflect them in what has been translated. The specific subject matter of the document for specialized translators. The literary and artistic to know how to write with grace and style for literary translators.