Remake moving abroad experience for Kids using Web services

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Remake moving abroad experience for Kids using Web services by Mind Map: Remake moving abroad experience for Kids using Web services

1. Issues for kids when moving abroad

1.1. Safety

1.1.1. kids can't travel alone solution: Kidygo: app to accompany kids

1.1.2. don't speak native language

1.1.3. disturbing for them to change environment

1.2. cost of traveling

1.3. Lack of autonomy

2. Positive points for kids when moving abroad

2.1. learn new culture

2.2. learn language

2.3. train the ability to survive by themselves

2.4. Intercultural education

3. Brainstorming of ideas

3.1. Track your kids with a chip

3.2. Plateform for kids and parents and intermediries

3.2.1. for each cities

3.2.2. put city mappers

3.2.3. put link to language classes

3.2.4. put link to sport associations

3.3. App to find activities for kids

3.3.1. link to "office du tourism" offer many activities for kids

3.4. language app

3.4.1. about 10 languages with links to good online classes so kids can learn

4. Project 1: The little travelers - Go

4.1. inspiration from Pokemon go

4.1.1. Can be used in a mobile way it is a way to help kids meet other kids too, when they have some challenges to overcome in the game

4.1.2. (innovation) Can be used just while staying at home, watching a virtual character moving around and playing with him using the town activities and culture influence

4.2. Target: parents about to move, or just arrived abroad, or just after they come back

4.2.1. can be used for the kid alone

4.2.2. can be used as a family activity

4.3. Using an app to prepare kids to travel

4.3.1. Provides fun games for the kid when he is abroad, to get to know the city and the nice places to go to the app will take the kids in nice areas close to where he lives, while tracking him so that the parents know where he is at all times the app will suggest fun activities in the area, helping the kid to get to know his new town and its culture

4.3.2. Can prepare the kid before he goes, showing him fun animations from the local culture examples of possible animations Discovering China while following a dragon Discovering northern countries while following a snowman Discovering the US while following some cowboys

4.3.3. Can be a nice souvenir for the kid once he comes back to where he is from, helps with the transition

5. Geographically, what are the moving trends?

5.1. refugees

5.2. brain drain

5.3. people moving for work

5.3.1. 37% of people are willing to move abroad for work

5.4. immigrants: people moving to "better" countries

5.4.1. e.g. the topical issue of the caravan from Honduras

6. Project 2: I've been there, you should go!

6.1. Inspiration from TripAdvisor

6.2. Users can rate the activities and places

6.3. Suggests some nice activities for kids or adults by age, rated by other users

6.3.1. 0-3 day cares

6.3.2. 3-6 parks zoos

6.3.3. 6-10 sports (danse, football...) Workshops Comics exhibitions

6.3.4. 10-14 sports language exchanges

6.3.5. 15-18 concerts attraction parks sport events virtual reality activities

6.3.6. adults restaurants Monuments escape rooms

6.4. easy to check prices and special offers