What am I good at?

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What am I good at? by Mind Map: What am I good at?

1. drama (acting)

1.1. The reason I said i'm good at this because I get good grades,awards and praise inside and outside of school. I take part in a lot of shows and it helps with my confidence and my acting skills. In addition to that, it might link to the fact I am passionate about it.

2. music(singing)

2.1. Outside and inside school, I have auditioned for solos or duets and have accomplished a lot. I really enjoy this subject no matter what we do; ensemble, solos, theory, presentation. Alongside Spanish and drama, I get the highest grades in music and

3. geography

3.1. The reason I put Geography in this mind map is due to the fact i enjoy the subject quite a lot and i work well in the lessons. In addition to that, previous essays and assessments i have done have been getting good grades

4. spanish

4.1. I have a natural flare for Spanish and from day one i have enjoyed learning another language. In both year 7 and 8 I got really good grades leading to the top marks. From then on i have been complimented when i speak Spanish by my friends and family and also when i was abroad in a Spanish speaking country.

5. english

5.1. English has been up and down for me. I am good at analysing however, not every topic. For example: I got a lower mark in some Shakespearen units but i got a higher mark in poetry and creative writings and analysis overall.

6. biology

6.1. Biology is quite a strong subject for me compared to the other sciences. even though sciences aren't my strong points so far i am doing well in biology and I am working especially hard. I will make sure i revise and listen effectively as it hasn't always been