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Clueless by Mind Map: Clueless

1. Class

1.1. Cher the main character and her friends at her high school in Beverly Hills demonstrate traits and characteristics indicating that they live in a high social class. Every character introduced in the film lives in an extravagent home with brand new cars, and wear the latest in fashion. Cher also has house workers and maids that demonstrate the lower working class.

2. Gender

2.1. The plot of the movie surrounds Cher morphing the new girl, Ty, who is tom boyish, has poor manners, and is into skateboarding into a dress wearing, cell phone wielding 'girly girl.' The movie highlights how Ty becoming more feminine equates to her sudden rise in popularity and overall confidence boost.

3. Social Institution

3.1. Education/ school plays a big role in this movie, the school provides a class system almost. It has multiple cliques within the school directly correlating with the plot and how Cher alters Ty to fit in better with her clique and to be more accepted by their peers.

4. Race/Ethnicity

4.1. The movie highlights how privileged Cher is, she has a very wealthy father, who provides Cher with anything she could ever want or imagine. She drives without a license multiple times throughout the movie and seems to only get away with a ticket, which in my eyes correlates with her being white and privileged. The people employed by her father to maintain their house are hispanic, to be more specific, the house maid, she demonstrates a common stereotype of hispanic women being house maids or cleaners for suburban/ wealthy areas.

5. Theory

5.1. I believe that Differential Association is seen in this movie, Ty learns the ways of her peers by befriending Cher and Dion. Ty also is socialized to act the same as Cher and Dion by attending parties and going shopping with them.