Culture of Wellness

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Culture of Wellness by Mind Map: Culture of Wellness

1. Individuals

1.1. Self Advocacy

1.1.1. Patients are able to ask HCP's questions about their prescriptions and voice any concerns they have in order to become more educated.

1.2. Safe Medication Practices

1.2.1. Patients use medications as directed, do not share them with others, and store medications in a safe and secure place.

2. Government

2.1. Change Penalites

2.1.1. Require drug rehabilitation instead of jail time for those who are found with possession of opioids.

2.2. Public Health Surveillance

2.2.1. Conduct better public health surveillance in order to provide better insight of the epidemic, and what areas/populations need more help and education.

3. Pharmaceutical Industries

3.1. Decrease Misleading Information

3.1.1. Decrease the release of misleading information, which leads physicians to over-prescribe medications and provide less patient education.

3.2. Promotion of Safer Medications

3.2.1. Promote the use of safe, effective, non-addictive medications regardless of profit

4. Healthcare System

4.1. Safer Prescribing Practices

4.1.1. Physicians take thorough health histories before deciding whether or not to prescribe opiods

4.2. Patient Education

4.2.1. Provide better and more thorough education to all patients regarding the dangers of medication use and misuse.