Culture of Health by Bhakti Merchant

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Culture of Health by Bhakti Merchant by Mind Map: Culture of Health by Bhakti Merchant

1. Taking Action at Home

1.1. Safe Medication Practices

1.1.1. Take your medications as advised by your healthcare provider. i.e. advised increments over the course of the prescription

1.1.2. Do NOT share medications, especially prescription medications

1.2. Engaging in different activities

1.2.1. There are other activities that can be done in place of overuse/misuse of drugs such as engaging in positive habits For example, instead of using stimulants to compensate for lack of attention towards a class, develop a schedule and stick to it to ensure enough attention is given to a demanding course.

1.2.2. Hobbies Hobbies are great stress relievers such as watching movies, reading a book, exercising, cooking, and other activities.

2. In the community

2.1. Being an advocate for healthy behaviors

2.1.1. Reach out to local government or talk to friends and family about appropriate uses of medications. Ensure that everyone has a clear definition about what is misuse and what is good medication practice.

2.2. Education

2.2.1. Providing educational material regarding healthy behaviors and the effects of medication misuse For example, Generation Rx has a lot of interesting material that can conveyed to people of any age or demographic.

3. At the doctor's office

3.1. Develop a relationship with your healthcare provider

3.1.1. Don't be afraid to ask questions regarding your health or the medications you are being prescribed

3.2. Do your research

3.2.1. Learn about possible side effects and what it means to you.

3.2.2. Ask your healthcare providers about previous experiences with specific treatments if allowed.

4. Government

4.1. Advocate for Policy Change

4.1.1. Get your local government officials involved

4.1.2. COnsider what your government officials support regarding policies relative to drug regulation, mental health, and other fields.

4.2. Attend Public Forums

4.2.1. Attend city council meetings and see how the local/state/federal level of government prioritizes your field of interest in health like mental health or regulation of drug creation

4.2.2. Express your thoughts to those willing to listen at a public forum or listen to others' thoughts