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Which Expert by Mind Map: Which Expert

1. Physical

1.1. Surgery

1.1.1. Good for deciding prognosis of physical repair or recovery

1.1.2. But in general doctors IMHO are not good at reporting on disability

1.2. Neurosurgeons

1.2.1. Operate to remove growths in the brain

1.2.2. Repair malformations e.g. aneurysms

1.2.3. Insert shunts in the ventricles

1.2.4. Do lobotomy - in rare cases

1.3. Neurologists

1.3.1. The do special tests to see how well the nerves in the body work

1.3.2. They can investigate brain problems caused by trauma.

1.3.3. The can diagnose unusual an rare conditons.

1.3.4. Can manage/treat epilepsy

1.4. Occupational therapists

1.4.1. Good for assessing functions of everything.

1.4.2. Physical and mental problems

1.5. Physiotherapists

1.5.1. Also good at assessing functional limitations

1.5.2. Largely physical problems

2. Mental

2.1. Psychiatrist

2.1.1. Diagnosis

2.1.2. Treatment Prognosis

2.1.3. Risk assessment

2.1.4. Disability?

2.1.5. Medical issues Diseases of the brain Physical illness affecting brain-mind functions Effects of medications Effects of metabolic or hormonal disorders

2.2. Psychologist

2.2.1. Can do many of the things that psychiatrists do

2.2.2. But they do not normally consider a range of medically related issues.

2.2.3. Measure personality and personality disorders

2.3. Neurpsychologist

2.3.1. Can measure how parts of the brain work or not, with special tests.

2.3.2. Measure cognitive impairments

2.3.3. Are more equiped to give an estimate on which parts of the brain are affected and to what extent