To what Extent can we shape our identities?

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To what Extent can we shape our identities? by Mind Map: To what Extent can we shape our  identities?

1. Definition of Identities

1.1. Not to be confused with personaity

1.1.1. How i see myself and how others see me? Marked by Simiarity + Difference Mulitiple identitys Identities can be fixed,fluid,individual,collective.

1.1.2. George Herbert Mead.Symbols

2. How are Identities formed?

2.1. Sigmund Freud.The unconscious mind.

2.1.1. Erving Goffman.Act out Roles.Appearance,Clothes,Gestures.

2.2. Identification.

2.3. Psycho-Sexual

2.4. Freud argues that may be able to express agency ,coming to understand represed childhood experiences through therapy.

3. Personal + Social Interrelated

3.1. Agency +Social Structures

3.1.1. Identities not fixed .Change over a period of time. Interpellation.People recognize themselves in a particular identity. Social Structures

3.1.2. Passports

3.1.3. Collective Identity Marked by Difference

4. Do we have a degree of Control in the Construction of our identity?

4.1. New Social Movements.Shape and voice to new identities.

4.1.1. Changing our Appearance to look younger.The way we speak.Clothes we wear.Botox,Tummy Tucks.Excercising Agency. Work + Class.Rich or poor.Widening Gap between the haves and the have nots. Marxist Theory bourgeoise -ruling class.proletariat -working class Max Weber Fragmentation of classes accentuated by differences in Status.PARTY-brings people together with similar interests.

5. Identities Fluid and Changing

6. Race +Ethnicity

6.1. Black Asian Mixed are dynamic rather than Static.

6.1.1. Race Is Inherited Raciaization

6.1.2. Ethnicity refers to group who share common cultural practices. Ethnicization

6.2. Social Structures constrain peoples ability to adopt certain identities