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SiPG by Mind Map: SiPG

1. Strategic Management

1.1. Visions

1.1.1. The multidisciplinary research center approach to the development of services and quality of life for perioperative geriatric

1.2. Mission

1.2.1. High quality research International Publication/Impact Factor/ Citation Technology and Innovation Hospital based cohort

1.2.2. Education Integrating research and clinical skills development

1.2.3. Human resources management

1.3. Planing

1.3.1. Short term Research theme Research activity Research grant National and international collaborations International publications

1.3.2. Long term Perioperative geriatric care pathway practice guideline Conference/Seminar/Workshop Knowledge management

2. Research Management

2.1. Before

2.1.1. Announcing research theme Mental health Physical health

2.1.2. Evaluation of research projects

2.1.3. Authorship

2.1.4. IRB and grant

2.2. During

2.2.1. Data collection plan

2.2.2. Resources management Research coordinator Research staffs

2.2.3. Process monitoring research Research methodology Ethics

2.3. After

2.3.1. Data auditing

2.3.2. Appropriate data analysis methods

2.3.3. Presenting research results

2.3.4. Develop manuscripts

2.3.5. International publication

2.3.6. Implementation

2.4. Data Management

2.4.1. Registry

2.4.2. Data sharing

2.4.3. Hospital based cohort study

3. Education Management

3.1. Developing research skills

3.1.1. Medical students

3.1.2. Research staff

3.2. Developing clinical skills

3.2.1. Healthcare providers

4. Human Resources Management

4.1. SiPG committee

4.1.1. Subcommittee Management Organization Decisions Consultant

4.1.2. Researchers High quality research

4.2. Research support team

4.2.1. Research manager High Communication skills High management skills

4.2.2. Research staffs Coordinating a clinical research study Identifying and interacting with patients Collecting data Clinical assessment tools

4.2.3. Research assistant Analysis thinking skills Statistical Proposal Manuscript Manuscript submissions