Can You Separate the art from the artist...

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Can You Separate the art from the artist... by Mind Map: Can You Separate the art from the artist...

1. What are the boundaries

1.1. Legal

1.1.1. Generally acceptable lawful offenses, ex: Dwi, drug charges, tax evasion may land jail time but probably wont hurt fan perception.

1.1.2. Technically legal, but socially unacceptable? ex: Hate speech (racist tweets etc)

1.2. Soft Spots/Hot Topics

1.2.1. Animal Abuse

1.2.2. Domestic Violence

1.2.3. Sexual Offenses

1.3. When/Why are some offense worse than others? Which ones are more complicated/circumstantial?

2. On an institutional level?

2.1. Reasons for being held to a different standard than personal opinion

2.1.1. Influential Power as an institution

2.1.2. Responsibility of setting industry standard

2.2. Actions

2.2.1. Removal of previous achievements ex: academy awards, honorary degrees, etc

2.2.2. suspension/ termination of active contracts

2.2.3. Compensation, ie: donating to relevant charity, (going the extra mile to prove opposition to said behavior)

2.2.4. acknowledgment/validation by means of public statement

2.2.5. Blacklisting offender

3. On a personal level?

3.1. Hypothetical Explanations Why Might Someone be able/Unable to

3.1.1. Compartmentalization The offense, though objectively against personal moral standards, has nothing to do with the art,

3.1.2. Justification of offense "Who am I to judge?" "I don't know the artist/details" Does a lack of interpersonal relationship/ first hand knowledge enables detachment

3.1.3. Offense Write off No official conviction, speculation of legitamacy

3.1.4. Forgiveness/ empathy Perceived admittance of guilt/apology/potential for change

3.2. What may cause someone to change their mind?

3.2.1. New Evidence, concrete proof of guilt or innocence.

3.2.2. Conviction in court of law

3.2.3. Hive mind, one may feel compelled to forgive/abandon depending on social influence

4. Artist-specific factors

4.1. artist's Personal presence in art ex:a comedian's art is solely them talking, vs a movie producer whom you'd otherwise never recognize

4.2. Fan base universally loved before offense? We're they already not widely loved?

4.3. Status some people are viewed as heroes, saints, legends etc, does this shock factor protect them? make it worse? is someone rowdy, innocently trouble-making more easy to flip on?

4.4. Post-mortem

4.4.1. discovery of offense

4.4.2. forgiveness