Analysis of brief (mind map)

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Analysis of brief (mind map) by Mind Map: Analysis of brief       (mind map)

1. Ergonomics

1.1. The poor can't to deep and furniture can't be too big

2. Target User

2.1. Ryan

2.1.1. 28 year construction worker

2.2. Curtis

2.2.1. 25 year housewife

2.3. Ian

2.3.1. 15 year student

3. Time

3.1. 1 month

4. Style

4.1. color

4.1.1. dark blue

4.2. Exterior

4.2.1. There will be a glass door in the middle of the container

5. Function

5.1. I will put the solar on the roof then will open the glass door you can see the one poor,the family can play in there

6. material

6.1. I need glass,container,Tile,Solar panels

7. Construction

7.1. three bedroom have the bathroom,roof have the solar panels one living room