Witch Lawnmower to buy?

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Witch Lawnmower to buy? by Mind Map: Witch Lawnmower to buy?

1. Push style walk behind.

1.1. Cheapest option.

1.2. Easiest to maintain.

1.3. Longest mowing time

1.4. Mows up to 1/2 acre lot

2. Self Propelled Walk Behind.

2.1. More expensive than walk behind

2.2. Can mow up to one acre lot

2.3. uses more gas

2.4. Requires more maintenance.

3. Riding Tractor Type.

3.1. More expensive starts at $1000

3.2. Can mow up to a few acre lot

3.3. Requires more maintenance

3.4. Uses more fuel

4. Zero Turn mower.

4.1. Most expensive option starts at $3000

4.2. Requires the most maintenance

4.3. Mow the fastest some up to 9 MPH

4.4. Uses the most fuel