Collaborative Learning

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Collaborative Learning by Mind Map: Collaborative Learning

1. google drive

1.1. zoho

1.2. etherpad

2. communicatios tools

2.1. synchronous and asynchronous

2.2. text

2.3. video

2.4. video call

3. the role of technology in collaborative learning

4. online group work and collaboration

5. online communication

5.1. including online meetings

5.2. office hours

5.3. informal chats

5.4. guest speakers

6. online communication synchronous

6.1. skype

6.2. adobe connect

6.3. google hangouts

6.4. vyew

6.5. gotomeeting

6.6. meeting burner

7. is an educational approach to teach and learning that involves group of students working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product.