What does a sustainable work/life balance look like?

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What does a sustainable work/life balance look like? by Mind Map: What does a sustainable work/life balance look like?

1. Life

1.1. Family

1.2. Education

1.3. Community

1.4. Individual Growth

1.4.1. Functional Neurological Disorder (Conversion Disorder) Mess-Finding: Working as a teacher, being a graduate student, and addressing my FND is not sustainable in my current state. Why isn't it sustainable, according to my earlier criteria? Fact Finding: Quitting teaching would not serve my goals. Quitting graduate school would not serve my goals, or solve the problem. The solution must be in treating Functional Neurological Disorder.

2. Work

2.1. 5:30am-3:00pm

2.2. Class size of 15-30 students

2.3. Gifted/Great Scholars/AP/Remedial English

2.4. Revolving Door Faculty and Staff

2.5. 120 student caseload

3. Sustainable

3.1. A habit that I can maintain for over a year

3.2. A habit that aligns with my life and career goals

3.2.1. Life Goals A healthy, loving marriage that is life giving for our family and our friends A life that reflects my faith in the goodness of Jesus and the truth of the gospel A life that reflects strength in grief and joy through all seasons

3.2.2. Career Goals A career marked by a commitment to justice, kindness, and authenticity A career that promotes the intelligence and tenacity of young people A career marked by excellence and attention to detail

3.3. A habit that honors my commitments

3.4. A habit that benefits me, my family, and those around me