Facebook Page Retargeting Strategy

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Facebook Page Retargeting Strategy by Mind Map: Facebook Page Retargeting Strategy

1. Procesar orden

1.1. Crear cuenta con overloa

1.1.1. Crear cuenta con suplidor Procesar cuenta desde overlo Check orden en siplidor Check Order email

2. Product Research and store import ( Shopify / Facebook )

2.1. Overlo Certify Stores Product Search

2.1.1. Products Video Research / Reviews / Comments

2.2. Create Promo Materials

2.2.1. Photo

2.2.2. Ads

2.2.3. Videos

2.3. Import to Shopify Store

2.3.1. Photos

2.3.2. Cover Page Ad

2.3.3. Info

2.4. Import to Facebook Store

2.4.1. Photos

2.4.2. Cover Page Ad

2.4.3. Info

2.4.4. Esperar por aprobacion

3. Facebook Pixel

3.1. Costume Audience

3.1.1. Re-target Ads

4. Content Page ( This is the landing page with the rest of the information about the post related to the product or service.)

4.1. Product page

4.1.1. Cart Thank You Page

5. Product or Service

5.1. Post related to product or service

5.1.1. Post related to product or service