Young Adult Literature. Growing up in Theory.

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Young Adult Literature. Growing up in Theory. by Mind Map: Young Adult Literature. Growing up in Theory.

1. In Secondary and Post- Secondary Contexts

1.1. In English Education: Often used to try the `harder stuff"

1.2. Pedagogical: makes more sense to use accessible literature.

1.2.1. role playing exercises

1.2.2. apply theory to harder texts

2. as a destination

2.1. few studies on YA as a type of literature

2.2. YA as a staging ground for power struggles

2.3. construction of personalities

3. What it teaches us about ourselves

3.1. idea of dialogism

3.2. ideological shift between generations

3.3. teens gain maturity

3.4. culture

3.5. social other

4. claiming the popular

4.1. e.g Chinese YA: not engaging moral truths

4.2. Resist: Hyper-narcissm of judging others

5. no clear definition

6. construction of adolescence

6.1. defined by its audience

6.2. dress contemporary audience

7. constructs and reflects an idea of adolescence

7.1. angst

7.2. drama

7.3. change anxiety

7.4. ethnical engagement