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PCT1 by Mind Map: PCT1

1. "The Funders"

1.1. Freshbooks

1.2. IDC

1.3. Pragmatic Marketing

1.4. Ryma

1.5. Genuit

1.6. Toronto Product Management Association

1.7. Red Canary

1.8. Riverdale Partners

1.9. SevenL Networks

2. "Sessions"

2.1. How to Create Compelling Positioning

2.2. Creating a Product Mgt. Manisfesto

2.3. Getting Money from the Government for Developing your product

2.4. How to determine pricing

2.5. Integrating User Experience in Product Design

2.6. What do customers really need?

2.7. Win/Loss Analysis: Your Career Maker!

3. "The Organizors"

3.1. Chris Gurney

3.2. Lee Garrison

3.3. Ron Babin

3.4. Barry Clavir

3.5. Saeed Khan

3.6. Graham Joyce

3.7. Chris Herbert

4. "Sessions"

4.1. Looking for the Next Billion Dollar Idea

4.2. Product Mgt at a Startup

4.3. Product Mgt in an Agile Environment

4.4. Product Mgt Process that Works

4.5. Product Mgt with Social Media

4.6. Role of Product Marketing: Where does it start? Where does it end?

4.7. Using a Big List to Manage Products