Why Mathematics is important and useful?

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Why Mathematics is important and useful? by Mind Map: Why Mathematics is  important and useful?

1. Mathematics is everywhere. In our surroundings, we breathe everywhere in the air. But to see this, the mind must be educated. The task of teachers is to educate the mind so that they can see the mathematics around them. Aynil Akbaş-TURKEY

2. Math is all around us and helps us understand the world better. Julianna Szabó, Romania

3. Maths is everywhere, math is a part of our life, maths could be undertsnding for everyone, it doesn't matter which language. Aida, Croatia

4. Mathematics is everywhere, but you just have to see it...Mariana-Doinita Vechiu ROMANIA

4.1. All the fundamental concepts and reasoning of some of the most important modern sciences are represented by the terms proper to a precise pre-existing mathematical language, without which it would not be possible to argue or even think in such sciences. Chiara Maria Camozzi, Italy

5. Math is incredibly important in our live,and without realizing it,we use mathematical concept every day. It helps us tell the time,be bertter bakers and shop for sales. Bruda Anca, Romania

6. Maths help us being creative by finding different solutions to problems. Stavroula Lada, Greece

7. The students can be prepared for college and future careers, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields

8. Mathematics promotes cognitive development and the student's relationships with the surrounding environment (a. teixeira)

9. Math teaches logikal thinking that is needed in all areas of life. Gitana, Lithuania

10. Math requires discipline and critical thinking skills to find solutions for complex problems. Ana Iancu, Romania

11. Maths helps you solve problems that appear in our real life. Opriş Roxana Florina, Romania

12. Maths helps us to develop logical thinking skills and solve lot's of real life problems. Iwona Kowalik, Poland

12.1. Mathematics is involved in all processes and appearing us. In teaching I combine mathematical legitimacy with their daily life and experience. Projects and tasks are closely related to their experience and are close to them. Antonela Matajić, Croatia

13. Mathematics is the only common language of all human beings, regardless of culture, religion, or social category. Andra Ramona Codau, Romania

14. To be happy and to have a good life you have to resolve problems, so maths is necessary. Opriş Roxana Florina, România

15. math means courage, strategy, analytical thinking, life, problem solving, multi-dimensional thinking and password of life.Elvan İnan TURKEY

16. Mathematics prepares students for 21st century jobs. Jelena Markovic, Serbia

17. Math teaches logical thinking and problem analysis, it is needed in the life of everyone. Barbara Mularczyk, Poland

17.1. Math is useful for organizing your day, assessing the time it takes to finish a job, calculate your taxes, manage your allowance, create a monthly budget, or save for a major purchase (home, car, etc.) and the time to reach a travel destination, to convert monetary units or metric measurements. (Andreia Bento, Portugal)

18. İn our daily life perhaps we don't realise that we use Maths everywhere.For example from making cake to building a home we use calculation,so it means everywhere and everytime we use Maths.Especially todays world tecnology is developing so Maths also use so many areas when it was compared before . Ayşe SARI /TURKEY

19. Maths is everywhere, we meet it in every day activities. Matematics is Life, Nature, Universe. Maths develops the whole man. Bondar Gladiola, Borca, Romania

19.1. maths means strategy, problem solving, courage. Maths helps you solve problems that appear in our real life! Daniela Praino Italy

20. Maths encourages to improve the critical thinking. Antonina Stallone Italy

21. Mathematics is a science that develops our reasoning and our critical thinking, stimulating our abilities. It promotes curiosity, strategy, and persistence. Albertina Moreira, Portugal

22. Mathematics is the universal language that unites us. Mathematics is everywhere and in everything there is mathematics. Francesca Alberti , Italy

23. Maths helps us to understand the sorrounding world. Inmaculada Illán. Spain

24. Math develops critical thinking and creativity, SKILLS needed to face life in present days and in future! Silvia Canali - Italy

25. Maths teach metacognitive skills: precision and in the same time creativity. Michela Pinna, Italy

26. Mathematics is a varied and fascinating discipline that combines abstract reasoning with powerful practical applications. Chiara Maria Camozzi, Italy

27. We can see Math in everyday life, like natyre ( geometric shape) etc. Enkelejde Alijaj Albania

28. Mathematics allows you to investigate different things by giving them the same name. Loredana Ursini

29. Mathematics is a place where creativity meets the real world because in the real world mathematics is like music for the soul!! Cira Serio - Italy

30. Maths is importnat becouse: it teach you to never give up. Marina Nikolic, Serbia

31. Mathematics is the universal language of our environment, which has helped mankind to explain phenomena and create objects for thousands of years. From simple games to time management, math is vital to helping students develop their creativity and turn their desires into reality.Ciortea Mihai.Romania

32. Mathematics knows no races or geographic boundaries. It is an universal language, which explains everything in life. Jasminka Mircheska, Macedonia

33. MATMathematics is the origin of science or the logical thinking that imparts to creativity and evolution Sonia Tunisia

34. Süheyla Evecen / Türkiye