Ernest Gyamfi Ampofo SmartPhones

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Ernest Gyamfi Ampofo SmartPhones by Mind Map: Ernest Gyamfi Ampofo SmartPhones

1. Browsers

2. Smartphone Operating Systems

2.1. Windows 7 Mobile

2.1.1. Pros: Unique screen size, 8MP camera and good battery life Stylish looking device

2.1.2. Cons: Basic specs, no forward facing camera Screen could be a little large for some


2.2. Android

2.2.1. Pros: Easy to use with a great UI! Solves a common problem!

2.2.2. Cons: Limited to only 5 group members. Currently lets you only have 1 group.


2.3. iOS/ iPhone

2.3.1. Pros: Great Camera It's on Sprint

2.3.2. Cons: Front Camera Not HD Still Fragile


3. Hardware

3.1. Screen

3.2. Processor