Communication software and internet

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Communication software and internet by Mind Map: Communication software and internet

1. How to Search the Internet

1.1. 1. if you know the address of the web page (example:

1.2. 2. Using a search engine like Google to find the address.

2. Google

2.1. is a web search engine owned by Google Inc.

2.2. Instructions to find what ever you want on the Web Search Engine:

2.2.1. identify your keywords

2.2.2. Keep the keyword Simple

2.2.3. Put the Keyword in double quotation ” ”

2.2.4. Don't worry about ((Spelling - Capital letters -Punctuation))

2.2.5. Google Scholar yes by scientific papers, articles and journals

2.3. Filtering Results

2.3.1. search based on recent results, or results from a specific time period.

2.4. Definitions

2.4.1. You can also get a quick dictionary definition, using the define keyword.

2.5. Math, Measurement and Language Conversions

2.5.1. calculations or convert measurements from one unit to another, Google and Bing have you covered.

3. Internet

3.1. Internet definition

3.1.1. The global communication network

3.1.2. network of networks.

3.2. Uses of internet

3.2.1. İnternet telephone Connection medium ex: fax, SMS, voice-messaging applications

3.2.2. E-Commerce Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet Advantages Easier to Compare Prices Access to Stores Located Remotely Stores Are Open All the Time disadvantages Need for an Internet Connection Inability to Experience the Product Before Purchase Security Issues

3.2.3. Web Browser a program for retrieving, presenting, and negotiating information resources on the World Wide Web Examples: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Uniform Resource Locator (URL ) It is the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web

3.2.4. Email transmission of messages over communications networks Example: Outlook Mail , Yahoo! Mail and Gmail Create an Gmail account 1- Go to 2-Click Create account 3-The signup 4-Review Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 5-Your account will be created, and the Google welcome page will appear Email massage sections 1-Header fields 2-Message body 3-Signature Line